Home deliveries

We provide our customer with a comprehensive service package facilitating home deliveries to final consumer. Consumer places the orders in the webshop of retailer. The order will be registered immediately through a link between retailer’s warehouse management system and our own system, and we will provide order picking, packaging and shipping. This will enable us to take over the entire logistical process, and deliver the items ordered directly from our locations to the consumer.

Data management & product photography

Data management plays a key role in many retail organisations. The focus is on the proper recording and use of product information (both in personal chain and towards consumer). We record all our article data according to the latest standards of GS1 Nederland.

In addition to recording the article data, product photography is part of the GS1 standards. A professional photo studio has, therefore, been created at our location in Gouderak to photograph our products according to the latest GS1 guidelines.

Product development

Outdoor Life Group Nederland focuses mainly on product development. What are the latest market developments and trends? How can we respond to changing customer needs? We are constantly developing new concepts to this end. We also have our own carpentry workshop. Ideas are converted into physical products here, we look at packaging options, assembly instructions and labelling.

Working drawings

How can we inspire the final consumer and thus support our customers? We have developed various tools for this. Such as product visualisation by means of renders or making clear working drawings. We have working drawings for the beginning and more experienced handyman, tailored to the products on your shelves, complete with sawing plan and shopping list.

Category management

We support our retailers with sharp shelf and product range analyses through active category and product management. We look for the right products on the shelves in a formula-specific way, shelf impact based on performance analyses and advise on the corresponding POS materials.